Tripps Travel Network wants you to know, that if you’ve ever wanted to time-travel, the must-see is historical Niagara on the Lake. This picturesque little town was the former capital of Ontario and is situated right beside the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. Maintained in its pristine 1800′s condition, this living museum piece gives you a slice of historical Canada on a silver platter.

First off this is the world-famous Niagara Falls we are talking about, and Tripps Travel Network recommends this breath-taking spot which is the centerpiece of the town, with tourists milling around its paved sidewalks, gawking at the spectacular falls. If you want to experience a bit of melancholy, take a ride on the Maid of the Mist, a feature of the Falls.

Tripps Travel Network also recommends taking in the Shaw Festival, Niagara on the Lake’s celebration of all things George Bernard Shaw. This festival began in 1962; this surfeit of plays put this little town on the map. Every year, thousands of tourists come to enjoy the plays written by Shaw and his contemporaries in the Festival Theater, the Repertory Theater, and even outdoors!

Tripps Travel Network members would like you to see its; Beauty, experience the wonder that is Niagara on the Lake.

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