Some of the best sightseeing opportunities statewide for September vacations as recommended by Tripps Travel Network.

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All those who plan a vacation to Colorado this fall will find out quickly that the natural beauty and family-friendly atmosphere are considered a draw no matter what the season. With so many wonderful places to spend time at around the state, choosing just one will be the hardest part. Here are some of Tripps Travel Network top recommendations when it comes to natural beauty in Colorado.

  •     Rocky Mountain National Park: One of the top treasures found in the state of Colorado, all those who visit this park soon see why Colorado is such a beautiful place to be. Home to many different lakes, mountains, and plenty of wildlife, this truly is the place to be. Activities travelers can do while visiting range from horseback riding, fishing, rock climbing and more, but one of the most popular just so happens to be hiking. There are quite a few trails available in the park, so print out a map beforehand and be sure to get prepared for outdoor adventure.
  •     Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park: Tripps Travel Network shares this national park is a fun one for those who will be near the Grand Junction area. There is a variety of wildlife in the area, including black bears, coyotes, and cougars, as well as the stunning gorge itself. There are more than 12 different spots overlooking the edge that are truly awe-inspiring, so be sure to bring along a camera.

Tripps Travel Network shares each and every member of the family will enjoy spending time at these outdoor destinations during their vacation. Colorado’s scenic beauty will surely become a lifelong vacation memory for all those who experience it during a fall vacation this year. For more information about planning an upcoming trip, please contact Tripps Travel Network or