Tripps Travel Network knows that after a day of sightseeing in Houston, you can drop by the Houston Zoo, which covers around 55 acres and home to more than 4500 animals from over 900 different species.

Another place according to Tripps Travel Network you might want to check out is the theater district located in the downtown area. Here you will find plenty of entertainment centers, restaurants, shopping centers, and parks.

If shopping is what you want, then you must head over to The Galleria, which one of the largest malls in Texas.

Tripps Travel Network keeps the best for the last: the NASA space center. The Center is home to interactive exhibits, simulations and guided tours of NASA space-faring history. Simply put, no trip to Houston will be complete without a visit to the space center.

Tripps Travel Network Reviews Sightseeing in Houston 2

The Control Center of the Space Center in Houston

Tripps Travel Network recommends renting a car if you head over to Houston since the city is designed for automobile traffic. Public transportation is mostly served by buses, light rails, and lift vans and is in the process of being expanded.

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