Tripps Travel Network knows that fall is the best time of the year to visit Vermont and New England. Stowe, a charming town is where the sugar maples seem to come alive in intense shades of red, gold, orange, and scarlet blanketing the surrounding Green and Worcester mountain ranges. In general, the best time to capture these brilliant hues is the end of September through the end of October; the Tripp family lodge, which coincidentally is the family that inspired the famous The Sound of Music makes a charming home base to come back to each night. This is especially true during the city’s famous Stowe Oktoberfest, where people from all around gather to drink, celebrate German culture and have the time of their lives. When using Tripps, you are part of an extensive travel network that allows you to use condos in so many places Vermont and other beautiful spots in New England that is all part of the Tripps Travel Network experience.

The colors of the change of seasons are some of the most beautiful sites one can imagine. Pack your self a little picnic basket that you can prepare from the comfort of your Tripps condo that comes with a full kitchen and when you pass farmers markets be sure to try the local produce as it will some of the finest in the world. The little towns that are around the areas are merely quaint just like a time gone by they are utterly charming and friendly with small shops and restaurants that you will find people that will engage more socially than from what you get from big cities. Ask a local for some advice on what he or she would recommend for sightseeing; they will know the best spots. Tripps Travel Network believes that adventures such as these are not only genuinely relaxing but therapeutic at the same time. Giving your body a chance to recharge and heal the stress that you have undergone from your days at work. If you are lucky enough to be retired then with our network of resorts via the Tripps staff you can plan travel on an endless journey crossing the country and staying in beautiful luxury villas and condo all over the beautiful USA. From all your friend at Tripps Travel Network we invite you to watch this Slideshare of Fall scenes that will keep you dreaming of your next adventure with us.