Tripps Travel Network knows New York City is an amazing place to visit, and can also be overwhelming. With so many amazing restaurants, types of food, and places to visit, they want to help make your vacation exciting, diversified, and stress-free.

Tripps Travel Network

Here are some of the restaurants recommended by Tripps Travel Network:

  • Best Pizza – The best pizza is found at Di Fara Pizza in Midwood, where Dom DeMarco makes ‘magical’ pizza pies like he’s been doing for so many years. While it’s nothing fancy and service isn’t always fantastic, locals agree it’s worth the trouble for a sliced of this pizza. They recommend you order the plain regular, the Di Fara classic, or the Sicilian square pie.


  • Best Greek – Two restaurants tied for this honor, Taverna Kyclades East Village and Avra Estiatorio. Though Avra Estiatorio has higher reviews for both décor and service. This upscale tavern serves unforgettable grilled fish and other terrific seafood dishes. While the food can be pricey and the atmosphere a bit loud, a great place to sit is an outside table. For the best experience order the kokolith, spanakopita, and the whole grilled fish.


  • Best Steak – Peter Luger Steak House gets the honor of being the top steak restaurant recommended by Tripps Travel Network. This restaurant has been grilling steak to perfection since the late 1880s in the Williamsburg area. They serve traditional cuts in their beer-hall quarters. There are always lines and the prices are indicative of the quality. Be prepared to pay in cash when you order. The top recommendations are the Luger-Burger if dining at lunch, the sizzling bacon and the porterhouse steak.

Tripps Travel Network invites you to take your tastebuds on vacation when you next visit the Big Apple.