Tripps Travel Network likes how history, architecture, and good food all come together in most European cities. Aside from the hotspots like Paris, London, and Rome, there more options as there are vacation days. Here are some great cities to choose from for your next European vacation.

Salzburg – Castles, cathedrals, and other beautifully architecture buildings line the streets and countryside of Salzburg. For Julie Andrews fans the hills are still alive with music,Tripps Travel Network suggests the Sound of Music Tour while you’re here.

Vienna – Besides the opera, there are several exciting and interesting things to do while visiting Vienna. The Spanish Riding School is one of them, catch one of their performances on the grounds of the Hofburg Palace.

Lisbon – An incredibly diverse, affordable vacation spot, Lisbon has plenty to do, both inside and out. From museums, churches, and tram rides to an afternoon spent wandering Avenida de Liberdad. And the Mediterranean food options are endless.

Budapest – Often overlooked, Budpaest is a great place to explore. There are so many things to see, including the Shoes on the Danube Promenade Memorial, Castle Hill, and Fisherman’s Bastion.  So many of these best sites in this historic city are free, as an added bonus to visiting.

Venice – Real gondola rides, a quick jaunt to Verona or Vicenza, and the famous Grand Canal are all great reasons to visit the city of Venice. There are no cars or roads, all transportation is conducted through the canals on boats. And the food, while different from southern Italian, is amazing.

Exploring Europe with Tripps Travel Network will be a vacation to remember. Head off the beaten path just a bit by trying one or two of these historic cities.