Tripps Travel Network recommends visiting Niagara Falls as it is one of the seven natural wonders of the world and as such, is an iconic tourist attraction. Found at the border of Canada and the United States, millions of people visit this spectacular attraction every year. Niagra Falls one of the most famous and well-known waterfalls in the whole world, but it is made up of several different falls. Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side of the Border is the largest and most spectacular of them all.

The three falls on the American side of the border, namely Veil Falls, Bridal Falls and the American Falls are all beautiful in their own right.

This area is not only known for the falls but also the great sights and attractions that visitors get to enjoy apart from the stunning views. Niagara, the town, wows with its warm hospitality, natural beauty, natural and visitor attractions as well as significant cultural offerings and architecture. The following are some of the great sights and attractions found around these falls.

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Rainbow colored Niagara Falls

The Whirlpool Aero Car was designed by a well known Spanish engineer referred to as Leonardo Torres Quevedo back in 1916. Ever since that year, the Whirpool Aero Car has been circling the Niagara Gorge offering thousands of tourists with spectacular views. When you are aboard this historic car, you will enjoy magnificent views of the Class 6 whitewater rapids and Niagara Whirlpool. Despite the fact that the car moves from one point to the other, riders get to cross the international border between the United States and Canada a record four times according to Tripps Travel Network.

Another of the more popular adventures to try while at the Niagra is the journey behind the Niagara Falls. Here you can tour the heart of the impressive Niagara Falls by descending 125 feet and exploring tunnels via the bedrock that is around 130 years old. You will hear the enormous vibrations of the Horseshoe Falls before you even get the chance to lay your eyes on them. At the end of the tunnels, you will also enjoy the magnificent views of this wonderous site. From here you will get a chance to experience a once in a lifetime view of the impressive falls.

The white water walk is a fun activity for the whole family and especially the nature lovers in the group. Tripps Travel Network recommends these guided tours as they offer visitors a personal and up-close view of nature and the power of Class 6 rapids. You will learn a lot about the geology of the area as well as the animal and plant life present in Niagara Parks during this walking tour. You can also enjoy spectacular views of the Niagara botanical garden, which is home to more than 2400 trees, shrubs, and roses.

One of the more recent additions to the attractions you can participate in is Ziplining to the Falls. MistRider Zipline offers you with an out of this world experience of ziplining to the falls. According to Tripps Travel Network, you will get to experience an awesome ride towards the gorge, which is almost at the base of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls. This ride will see you cover 670 meters downwards flying past the American Falls before landing on the observation deck found at the base of the magnificent Horseshoe Falls.

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Zipline, New Attraction in Niagara Falls, recommended by Tripps Travel Network

If you wish to experience the Niagara Falls in the closest possible angle, then you should consider going on a boat tour that will bring you the closest to them. The boat tour will give you the opportunity to travel past the Bridal Veil Falls, American Falls as well as inside the heart of the Horseshoe Falls in Canada. You will enjoy this legendary boat cruise aboard the safety of water vessels made exclusively to handle the raging waters.

Niagara Falls and the surrounding area offers a wide variety of great sights and attractions for the whole family to enjoy, according to Tripps Travel Network. If you are visiting the Falls for the first time, it is advisable to join various guided tours of the area to maximize your fun and also gain some knowledge of the history of the area. There are plenty of great things Niagara has to offer to its visitors. Just make sure you remember your cameras as the sights are fantastic and you will want to keep memories that will last a lifetime.

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