Tripps Travel Network members are aware that a family vacation can be very expensive. When you add the cost of transportation, lodging and entertainment, the money spent on the family vacation is more than many people expect. A family vacation is not the time to throw away the savings. It is possible to have a great family vacation without breaking the bank.

  • Look for travel destinations that are closer to home. Much of the money that goes into a trip is the cost of getting someplace. If you do not have to travel as far, you may be able to0 consider cheaper options such as trains or driving.
  • Consider a time share resort to stay at – Many timeshares offer very nice places to stay that are larger and cheaper than a typical hotel room. Depending on the resort, the amenities that are offered can be as good if not better than a good hotel.
  • Look for free entertainment – Check out the area that you are traveling to see what types of fairs and festivities are going on. Some of the best entertainment can be found this way and it does not have to cost anything.
  • Don’t eat out every meal – The second biggest cost of traveling is the food. Think about eating cereal in the morning or some other breakfast that does not require much time or effort. If you are at a time share resort, you may have access to a kitchen to help with this.
  • Scour the internet for travel deals – It may surprise you to find discounts for all of the things that you want to do, but you will never know unless you look remind the Tripps Travel Network.