Tripps Travel Network understands that sometimes you end up with an economy class ticket, but you would like to be bumped up to business class. Well, the simple way is just to call the airline and pay the extra charges to get into business class. Another way of getting a business class ticket, on economy rates, is through upgrades. This is a tough task, and it depends primarily on how overbooked the flight is. If the flight is somewhat overbooked, then there is a good chance that they will upgrade the passengers if there is space.

Tripps Travel Network Shares Best Travel Tips

Tripps Travel Network knows that if you want to try for an upgrade while traveling, here are a few tips that can be used to get the job done.

  • Get a membership to the frequent flyer program

Every airline in the world has a frequent flyer program. If you join this program, every mile that you travel on a particular airline counts and when that airline upgrades, it will give preference to you. Although here again, the preference is given to the members that have high points on their cards if you are a member, you will get preference over non-member passengers.

  • Be nice to the check-in people

Another very useful tip is being nice to the check-in personnel. They cannot upgrade the passengers on their own, but if you are nice to them, they pass the real word on when it later comes to getting an upgrade.

Tripps Travel Network understands that if you follow these two tips, there is a good chance of you getting into business class from economy if the opportunity arises.