Tripps Travel Network recognizes that travelers with a sense of adventure will want to explore the many wonders of nature around the world. With enough searching, it is possible to find remarkable sites with combined features that seem to be from entirely different worlds.

Lake Powell, Arizona is one of the excellent places to witness the sheer cliffs of the southwest surrounded by water. Travelers should go off the beaten path to locate such miracles of nature to provide an endless supply of picture taking opportunities and precious memories. The beauty of the lake is just incredible. You can take a boat ride and visit the famous Rainbow Bridge, a rock formation that is a must see. Boats can be rented from the marina such as a speedboat, or spend a lazy day on a pontoon boat and cruise the lake slowly at your own pace.

For those wishing not to rent, there is a cruise that can be taken and just sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Imagine the films of Monument Valley where all those John Wayne movies were filmed. Lake Powell is on the other side, so it provides another look at the scenery that is more accessible by boat. Imagine if you take parts of the Monument Valley and add water that is the best way to describe Lake Powell.

The town of Page is located at the mouth of Lake Powell and offers many hotels and motels, and there are campgrounds also. By far, the Lake is the main attraction. There is nothing in the world that compares to it. The scenery is used for many a movie because of its unique and surreal beauty. If ever you visit Arizona don’t forget to put lake Powell on your bucket list.

This will be an experience you may want to revisit with loved ones and one day rent a houseboat for the ultimate experience. Tripps Travel Network believes that life is short and we should travel as much and as often as possible. So call Tripps Travel Network today and lets us help plan your next big adventure