Tripps Travel Network offers some of the best state parks close to many of our choice and accommodation

Tripps Travel Network suggests staying in a luxury resort surrounded by modern accommodations does not mean that travelers must spend their entire vacation in the city. Tripps Travel Network points out that State Parks are a great, and inexpensive, way to spend a day or two during a family vacation. As the chilly month’s approach, families should certainly keep these beautiful parks in mind while they plan their next family vacation.

Tripps Travel Network knows that one of the major highlights of autumn is the vibrant colors that spring up throughout the forests. Oak Mountain State Park in Alabama is an excellent choice for catching some fall colors. This State Park offers nearly ten-thousand acres for visitors to explore, and they will be amazed at what they find around each corner. The various types of foliage keep an abundance of color up through the final days of fall. The stunning Peavine Falls offer park guests a memorable view as a reward for hiking through the park. Guests can also enjoy fishing, camping, bird-watching, and boating.

Another great park that travelers will not want to pass by is Colorado’s, Ridgeway State Park. Tripps Travel Network is certain that nature-lovers will enjoy the beautiful shades of gold that the aspen trees turn to starting in mid-September. This time of year happens to be ideal for bird-watching as a number of migratory species are making their way through the region.  Ridgeway State Park is also in proximity to Rocky Mountain National Park, where visitors can go on day hikes, scenic drives, and where kids can become Junior Rangers. This park is also ideal for a variety of fishing spots as well. Both of these parks boast great attractions that will surely keep travelers busy for days.

From Alabama to Colorado and beyond, Tripps Travel Network knows that people will enjoy these outstanding national parks. Guests can experience the great outdoors while spending time with their friends and family. While staying in these areas, vacationers should also be sure to check out the surrounding attractions and features that are available. For more information on Tripps Travel Network and its services, please visit