Home to the infamous Las Vegas Strip and its many resorts, casinos, restaurants, shopping, and more, there is much to do in Sin City. When tourists travel to Las Vegas, they usually concentrate their time and attention to the strip, where much of the glamour and hype of the city is located. However, Tripps Travel Network states that many people are not aware of the many other opportunities that the city has to offer.

The Vegas Indoor Skydiving facility prides itself on giving people the opportunity to “achieve the dream of human flight.” Visitors can walk-in or make a reservation and learn to soar in an indoor tunnel that simulates a skydiving experience. First timers will be able to partake in a 30 minute training class that is taught by a professional and provides all the basics of flight and safety that are needed to have an enjoyable time.

For car enthusiasts, the Exotics Racing is the place to go for driving luxury cars around a private track. Located just 20 minutes off the strip, racers will be able to hop into cars such as Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches, and more and drive around a track that spans over a mile. The raceway provides a variety of twists, turns, and straight ways that allow drivers to have the ultimate driving experience. The price depends on the car that is selected and includes a certain amount of laps around the track.

For those who wish to kick back and enjoy a game of golf, Tripps Travel Network  recommends checking into the elegant courses and golf resorts located in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas vacation date activities recommended by Tripps Travel Network