Tripps Travel Network has been a quality provider of luxury vacations for many years. Aruba is an island paradise. While it is only about 20 miles long and 6 miles wide, it packs a lot of fun into those less than 120 square miles. It is almost always a constant 80 degrees Fahrenheit with limited rainfall. Some of its most prominent attractions are its pristine white sandy beaches and blue turquoise waters.

2019 Aruba Tips and Attractions by Tripps Travel Network (2)

Tripps Travel Network recommends these top attractions

Aruba is very well known for its white sandy beaches and turquoise blue water. You can’t miss Aruba Snorkeling.

Whether you choose to take a boat tour and snorkel off the boat or go to one of the many beaches that are known as great spots for Aruba snorkeling, it’s a must-do activity while you are on the island.

Tripps Travel Network suggests that according to our travel experts there are seven snorkeling locations including boating excursions that are the best spots for Aruba Snorkeling.

They are:

Mangel Halto

Puerto Chiquito

Arashi Beach

Catalina Cove

The Antilla Wreck,

Baby Beach

Malmok Beach.

2019 Aruba Tips and Attractions by Tripps Travel Network (4)

Tripps Travel Network suggests you experience at least a few of these so you can choose your favorite area for your future trips.

The ability to relax, and being able to find beautiful things that you would ordinarily miss when being in a rush.

Tours to Boca Catalina and Antilla Shipwreck are popular tours. The Antilla Shipwreck is the most significant shipwreck in the Caribbean. It is a 400-foot cargo ship, anchored off the coast of Aruba near Malmok Beach. During WW2 the captain sunk the ship rather than surrender it. Boca Catalina is a beach away from it all near Malmok Beach known for its excellent Aruba snorkeling.

2019 Aruba Tips and Attractions by Tripps Travel Network (3)

Swimming recommendations by Tripps Travel Network

Not all beaches are great for swimming or playing in. Here are the best beaches to splash about:

Arashi Beach – Calm Water/White Sand.

Baby Beach – It’s no more than 5 feet deep at any point.

Druif Beach – Calm Water/White Sand. Hotel facilities nearby.

Eagle Beach – Calm Water/Light Waves/White Sand.
Many water sports are offered on this beach.

Malmok Beach – Calm Water/White Powder. Some pebbles.

Manchebo Beach – Gentle Surf/White Sand. Near Hotels.

Palm Beach – Calm Water/White Sand. Excellent swimming conditions

Rodgers Beach – Calm Water/White Powder Sand. Walk from Baby Beach

Surfside Beach – Calm Water/White Sand. Some pebbles and stones.

Other Sights

California Lighthouse – Located on the northern tip of the island. Offers some spectacular views of the

Casibari and Ayo Rock Formations – You can explore and climb these formations.

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