Tripps Travel Network knows that hotels are in business to provide a service for their guests. If they do not provide the services that the guest expects, they have the right to complain about it. The hotels that do not deal with complaints are the ones that do not stay open for very long. The hotels that are successful are the ones that deal with every customer complaint as quickly as possible.


No Small Complaints


If a hotel thinks there is a difference between the trivial complaints of guests and the more serious complaints of guests, they are wrong. The reason behind this is simple. If you deal with a problem when it is minor, it is easier to take care of. Small complaints that are not taken care of can turn into much more serious complaints later on.


Handle all Problems with Urgency


Tripps Travel Network realizes that not all complaints by guests can be fixed right away. There will be some that require more time. It is important to show the guest that makes the complaint that you are working on the problem and will have it resolved as fast as is possible. It is a good idea to let the guest know exactly when you can take care of the problem.


Follow Up


Tripps Travel Network suggests that you talk to the guest to make sure that the issue they complained about has been resolved. This will make the guest realize that the hotel did listen to their concerns and took the problem seriously. It will make the guest feel more important.