Tripps Travel Network Discusses Tipping While Traveling In Mexico. Tripps Travel Network says that many resorts in Mexico have a policy that states there is “no tipping” allowed.  This policy however, sometimes inspires complaints.  People want to tip for good service.  It’s the norm.  Despite the no tipping policy, often tipping is quite common.  You may find that it is a good idea to bring along a good chunk of change with you and plan to tip anyway while you stay.  Why?


Tripps Travel Network says if you end up staying at a resort and want to tip despite a no tipping policy, you can always ask if you can tip rather than complain.  You may be better off learning a little about what is common practice at the resort first and ahead of time by visiting resort forums or by talking to other guests that have stayed at the resort successfully.  Rather than suffer and have poor service why not be a good chap and tip?  Tripps Travel Network say that most people in the U.S. and in other countries offer tips for good service anyway.  While tipping is never expected, it is a way to show appreciation.